My camera catches elusive moments of nature, showcasing the ever changing beauty of the planet and fleeting moments of nature frozen in time, as without nature there is no connection to life.  Each of my photographs highlights Nature, Light, and Form, showing how subtle changes in light will alter the perception of what we view.


These two sections, each tell their own story of light and water.

MONOTONE – Classic in form, allowing the many shades of black and white to bring a timeless beauty to the seashore.

SEASCAPES – Open vistas create a freedom of space and interplay the colors’ of Sky, Sun and Water.



In flight or walking by the seashore, this group is about a single moment in the bird’s life. The Audubon society has featured my work.

Feathers are the natural progression from Birds, seeing a feather caught between rocks, or floating in water, leaving a question where is the bird now.


These groups showcase the sensuality, shape and texture of individual flowers.

AMARYLLIS –Amaryllis first came to the attention of European gardeners in the 1800s, prized for the size  of the blooms they soon became a Victorian favorite, where they became associated with pride determination and beauty. Black and White photography was chosen to show the sculptural beauty of this flower as it fades for another year.

CALLA LILY – Calla is the Greek word for beauty. This collection focuses on the sensual shapes created by this flower and Sepia was the natural choice to highlight these forms.

TULIP-    Originally a wildflower growing in Central Asia, and introduced to Europe in the 16th century  from Turkey and the Ottoman empire. The tulips popularity was based on its vivid colours, This group showcases Tulips colour and form.

PASSION – The name says it all, single flowers, sensual, in all the vibrant colors of passion, are shown for their individual shape and beauty.

PURTIY – Individual petals or flowers, Lily petals are reflected, getting ever softer until they vanish, whilst a Peace Lily makes a strong white on white statement.

SEPIA – Changing light brings out the sepia tones of these photographs. Evening sun behind a closed flower intensifies the sepia tones.



Impressionistic in feeling, light and movement is used to create dreamlike worlds where light blends and fades.

LAND – Evocative of a lost dream, Landscapes transform into space where light is elusive

SEA – Land, Sea and Sky blend together to create vistas that defy reality